Thursday, November 20, 2014

Synthesis Reflection

    Overall I think I completed what I set out to do in my synthesis paper.  There were some weak points as far as the Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.  I had a difficult time applying these to the synthesis part of the paper.  At first I thought that I was going to have a hard time with this paper, but after some help I thought that the paper was kind of like an argumentative paper, but with hard facts from articles of authors in the field of the changing workplace in our time.  After this paper I still believe that college is the best route to preparing to enter the modern work world.  In college they instructors know how to prepare you for entering the work world, and that is why I believe that college is the best route, and also how I feel I did on this synthesis paper.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I Care about.

    What I care about.
  I guess is pretty simple.  I care about my my military service, and about law enforcement.  I also Have the same cares that other people have, like their loved ones, parents(family), and friends.  I would like to know more about criminal justice. I would like to get more involved in learning about investigations and drug enforcement inside the criminal justice system. I also care about my friends in that are still in and have gotten out of the military, but that isn't to say that i care about them more than regular friends but I find it easier to relater to them because of their experience of being in the military.

    What Matters to Others.
 I believe this would be important to others because there are countless veterans all over the country and quite a few here at lewis, including myself.  Researching about the military and law enforcement, would grab the attention of other veteran and law enforcement majors here at lewis as well as outside the college.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Synthesis Design Plan

Purpose Statement.

    The purpose of my synthesis paper is to synthesize articles by Chris Carter, Alan Blinder, and Carol D'Amico. To argue for how to best prepare for working life in which change is constant, I will argue that college, and learning to stand out, and working with groups during college is the best way to prepare for the work world.
    I will also argue this preparation will require a development of a mix of skills to create success in the work place.  These include a solid education of the college level,  A specialized skill in the field you are planning to enter into, an d I will also show how college may also not be good decision for some.

Design plan:
    The design of this paper will be in MLA format so I do not have to worry to much about the set up of the paper.  I will have to use my synthesis worksheet, and the article to gain my points of my paper.  

   I am a college student preparing for the working world.  I believe that college has helped me so much more than just jumping into the work place.  I have learned a lot of great skills to set me apart from the non college goer, to make me look more marketable to employers.

Pathos:  I believe that if you do not get a college education you will find it harder or even impossible to find a job where the job market is becoming increasingly more and more competitive.  If you want a good job in the future, you need to prepare for it now.  That is why college is an important time in your life.

Logos:  I will use writers: Chris Carter and BLANK to show why college is the best route in todays job market and also to show my counter argument that college isn't always a good idea for some.
I will set up my paper as follows: I will start with Chris Carter in showing that college can be a good idea, then move to BLANK to show that college might not be a good idea for some.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


All in all I believe that I did a fairly good job composing the paper over all.  There were a few points where digging into the posters to find the Ethos, Logos,and Pathos were rather challenging.  It is hard to look “beneath” the poster and see how it was constructed to catch the readers attention.  It was also interesting some of these posters used fear to get the readers to do what the people that created it wanted them to do.  
Looking back I believe that I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish in this paper.  This is my first professional rhetorical analysis ever in my college career, I guess I could have done one subconsciously in the course of my college career, but this is my first one I have submitted for an academic grade.  Once I got into a sort of rhythm of composing and drafting my paper, explaining the Ethos, Logos, and Pathos became very easy.  I hope that it actually was easy, and I just did not do it wrong.

I believe that I went with my design plan.  I believe that I followed all the main points of my design plan as well.  I explained the Ethos, Logos, and Pathos for each poster.  I also explained how the visual and the text worked together to get the message across to the reader, or audience.  Overall rhetorical analysis did start off as something big and scary, but once you dive into it, it really is not that bad.  I thought that it was going to be impossible to do because it looked hard, but as it turns out it really was not.