Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Synthesis Design Plan

Purpose Statement.

    The purpose of my synthesis paper is to synthesize articles by Chris Carter, Alan Blinder, and Carol D'Amico. To argue for how to best prepare for working life in which change is constant, I will argue that college, and learning to stand out, and working with groups during college is the best way to prepare for the work world.
    I will also argue this preparation will require a development of a mix of skills to create success in the work place.  These include a solid education of the college level,  A specialized skill in the field you are planning to enter into, an d I will also show how college may also not be good decision for some.

Design plan:
    The design of this paper will be in MLA format so I do not have to worry to much about the set up of the paper.  I will have to use my synthesis worksheet, and the article to gain my points of my paper.  

   I am a college student preparing for the working world.  I believe that college has helped me so much more than just jumping into the work place.  I have learned a lot of great skills to set me apart from the non college goer, to make me look more marketable to employers.

Pathos:  I believe that if you do not get a college education you will find it harder or even impossible to find a job where the job market is becoming increasingly more and more competitive.  If you want a good job in the future, you need to prepare for it now.  That is why college is an important time in your life.

Logos:  I will use writers: Chris Carter and BLANK to show why college is the best route in todays job market and also to show my counter argument that college isn't always a good idea for some.
I will set up my paper as follows: I will start with Chris Carter in showing that college can be a good idea, then move to BLANK to show that college might not be a good idea for some.

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