Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What I Care about.

    What I care about.
  I guess is pretty simple.  I care about my my military service, and about law enforcement.  I also Have the same cares that other people have, like their loved ones, parents(family), and friends.  I would like to know more about criminal justice. I would like to get more involved in learning about investigations and drug enforcement inside the criminal justice system. I also care about my friends in that are still in and have gotten out of the military, but that isn't to say that i care about them more than regular friends but I find it easier to relater to them because of their experience of being in the military.

    What Matters to Others.
 I believe this would be important to others because there are countless veterans all over the country and quite a few here at lewis, including myself.  Researching about the military and law enforcement, would grab the attention of other veteran and law enforcement majors here at lewis as well as outside the college.


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