Monday, September 29, 2014

Design Plan

Medium & Production: I am going to be using photos that I have taken.  Theses will be pictures of show cars, since my essay is about the car culture, and cars are a work of art in their own way.  I need pictures of more cars than what I have now. Ten pictures may not be enough for what I want to say.  I will have to get pictures of my aunt’s and grandfather’s car to add to my essay so show the class where my passion for cars came from.  I want to show both classic and brand new super cars.  I need to take pictures of people actually in the photo's to show that car culture is made up of people also not just cars. 
Ethos: I don't want people to think that if their car is dirty or a bit on the rusty side, that they are committing  a sin.  I don't want people to think that the car culture is for people with new and exciting cars.  my car is not that exciting, but to me I love the way it looks. I just want to show people that cars are a reflection of their driver, and the style of the car’s customization is an expression, much like a painting is an expression of the artist.
Pathos: I want my audience to know that, to some people in the world that cars are so much more than metal, rubber ,and glass. Cars are a work of art  I will show the audience this with pictures of classic cars, new cars, and super cars. These cars in themselves are cool to see, when you see cars like this on the street everybody looks.
Logos:   My argument is based purely on opinion.  I hope my photo's and narrative for each picture can show people that cars are so much more than tools.  They are a statement. I will persuade my audience with pictures of cool cars and the editing of those pictures.
Arrangement: I will probably have around 10 to 15 slides, I hope. I will start from the beginning for me, Where I became interested in cars. Then I will move on to the slides trying to persuade people that cars are so much more than just tools in our daily lives. I will use black and white pictures for the older cars and change the saturation up for the pictures with the new and super cars. I want everyone to see that the car culture is something awesome but, I want to focus more on the cars than persuading the audience.  I want the cars to do the talking.

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