Friday, September 12, 2014

Ryan Svoboda
Design Plan 

Medium & Production: I am going to be using photos that I have taken.  Theses will be pictures of show cars, since my essay is about the car culture.  I need pictures of more cars than what I have now. Ten pictures may not be enough for what I want to say.  I will have to get pictures of my aunt’s and grandfather’s car to add to my essay so show the class where my passion for cars came from.  I want to show both classic and brand new super cars.  I need to take pictures of people actually in the photo's to show that car culture is made up of people also not just cars.
Ethos: I don't want people to think that if their car is dirty or a bit on the rusty side, that they are committing  a sin.  I don't want people to think that the car culture is for the rich.  I am by no means rich.  
Pathos: I want my audience to know that, to some people in the world that cars are so much more.  I will show the audience this with pictures of classic cars, new cars, and super cars.
Logos:   My argument is based purely on opinion.  I hope my photo's and narrative for each picture can show people that cars are so much more than tools.  They are a statement.

Arrangement: I will probably have around 10 to 15 slides, I hope. I will start from the beginning for me, Where I became interested in cars. Then I will move on to the slides trying to persuade people that cars are so much more than just tools in our daily lives. I will use black and white pictures for the older cars and change the saturation up for the pictures with the new and super cars.

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