Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Driving on the road, walking through a parking lot, you see them everywhere. Cars are a tool that have helped us since the early 1900’s.  Now cars back then were very simplistic, and utilitarian. Today Cars have become these things that get us from place to place to these extravagant objects that reflect style, and tell a story about the driver. I understand that cars usually are looked at as tools in our everyday life, but have you ever looked at a car.....I mean really looked at it, all of the lines on the body, the color, the materials used, the interior design.  Cars today have become rolling art galleries. Take the Lamborghini Gallardo for example.  These cars are very efficient as far as aerodynamics and speed, but they have also taken this car that can reach speeds of around 200 miles per hour, and have designed it to look great while reaching these speeds.  Car shows are just like art galleries.  Although these works of art move and are exposed to the elements, even that in itself is art. Car show are just like moving art galleries that can pop up anywhere and can be taken down in a matter of minutes.  You would have even known that there was an “art” show if you went by minutes after it was over.  Car customization also plays a big roll in how cars can be considered works of art.  Performance parts added to the car show that the “artist” loves to go fast.  A detailed under hood paint job can show that the “artist” likes the smaller details, the ones not everyone sees.  Having older cars restored is like having the Mona Lisa touched up so that generations to come can enjoy it.

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